F1 Driver Romain Grosjean On Fiery Crash, I Must Live for My Kids!

Formula 1 Driver Romain Grosjean is getting brutally honest about the fiery crash he survived at the Bahrain Grand Prix over the weekend — saying he honestly thought he was going to die.

“For me it wasn’t quite 28 seconds, it felt more like a 1 minute 30,” Grosjean said.

In fact, Grosjean says there was a moment when he was stuck in his car where he began to accept his fate.

“All my [muscles] relaxes,” Grosjean said in a candid interview with Sky Sports … “[I’m at] peace with myself thinking, ‘I’m dead.'”

“I will die. Which part is gonna burn first? Is it the foot? The hands? Is it going to be painful? Very strange feeling.”

As we previously reported, Grosjean lost control and slammed into a barrier — causing his car to explode into a ball of flames.

During the fiery incident, Grosjean told Sky Sports he began to think about his family — and that’s what ultimately motivated him to escape to safety.

“I thought about my kids and I thought, ‘No I cannot die today.'”

Grosjean says he finally found the strength to escape the burning car — and he was whisked away to safety.

After he was rescued, Grosjean says it was important he showed the world he could walk on his own power.

“It was key that there was some footage of me walking towards the ambulance. Even though I’d walked out of the fire, I needed to send another strong message that I was okay.”

After the incident, Grosjean made a video from his hospital bed thanking the responders and medical staffers who saved his life.

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Despite the scary situation, Grosjean only suffered injuries to his hands — and seems to be in great spirits, considering he almost died.

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