Fat Joe Talks About Run-In with Kanye West After Antisemitic Backlash

Fat Joe‘s about to drop his memoir, which is filled with lessons many young rappers could use — but it’s actually an old-school rapper, one Kanye West, who recently sought out Joe’s counsel.

The legendary Bronx MC joined us Friday on “TMZ Live,” and revealed he, almost literally, ran into Ye while walking out of his L.A. hotel room. Joe says Ye asked him for advice on how to handle all the backlash for his bigoted and antisemitic remarks.

He says he told Ye the truth, as he sees it, reminding him he’s got pals from all walks of life and all religions. FJ advised Ye to keep God in mind, and stop using hurtful words.

Joe’s got a lot more gems to drop — especially for hip hop’s up-and-comers — in ‘The Book of Jose.’ His memoir will be available Tuesday, and reveals his days as a street hustler and his rise to rap superstar. He told us he knew exactly when his life had changed, and he needed to stop hanging with his old crew from the block.

It comes down to 2 words: RICO laws! You gotta see Joe explain the light bulb moment.

BTW, after his Ye run-in … Joe also had an encounter with Will Smith, who’s been laying low since that Oscars slap.

As Joey Crack puts it, he really is the Forrest Gump of hip hop, because the guy knows everyone … and he’s got some great stories to tell!!!

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