‘Framing Britney Spears’ Filmmakers Talk About Making a Sequel

The team who brought Framing Britney Spears together is opening up about possibly making a follow-up to the documentary, which has received a huge response from fans around the world.

Executive producer Mary Robertson, NYT senior story editor Liz Day, and documentary director Samantha Stark spoke to THR about the film and the potential sequel.

In response to doing a follow-up, Day said, “I think we’d love to, there was so much we had to leave on the cutting room floor and in our notebooks just for time. And also since the documentary aired, we’ve gotten a lot of information that we’re interested in as well that we’re interested in pursuing and reporting out further.”

THR‘s reporter brought up how sources sometimes start popping up once the story is out. Day responded, “Yeah. And I think something’s that’s happened as well is the documentary has helped us earn the trust of even more people. As we talked about earlier, people have been very distrustful of the press because they’ve felt burned in the past and I think the documentary’s very sensitive treatment and respect of all parties and everyone helped us further.”

Stark said, “I think there’s way more to learn about the circumstances of the conservatorship and how the conservatorship has been running and why, the people involved in its creation and running it. Right now, Jamie Spears is the face of this because he’s the person that was named in the court filings that were filed by Britney’s court-appointed attorney. But it’s clear that he’s not the only person who was working on this and that he’s not the only person that has benefited monetarily from this, so I think it’s important to look into everything. And of course it will be very important to keep following the court hearings as they keep happening.”

Day also wants to look into Britney‘s net worth and see if she’s actually worth more than the $60 million that the court values her estate at.

There have been reports that Britney is working on her own documentary, but a source spoke out in response.

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