Gemma Atkinson forced to go home moments before show over sudden health issue

Gemma Atikson gives update after losing her voice

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TV and radio star Gemma Atkinson, 36, was sent home from work yesterday after coming down with a mystery bug. The Hits Radio DJ was unable to present her daily drive time show with co-host Wes Butters as she had lost her voice.

Her colleague joked that she sounded like a “seal” which was not good for someone who works on the radio.

Gemma reassured her fans that she was feeling OK in herself but had a cough and a sore throat.

She wondered if she may have laryngitis, which has similar symptoms.

According to the NHS, it occurs when the voice box or vocal cords become irritated or swollen.

Taking to Instagram when she should have been on the airways, the mum-of-one told her 1.7 million followers that she was going home.

“Just got into work and I’m having to go home because obviously it’s my job to speak on the radio,” she explained.

“And Wes was like, ‘You sound like a seal. Go Home.’

“So Wes is riding solo today. Hopefully back in tomorrow. We’ll see.”

In her caption, she added: “I think it’s defo laryngitis.”(sic)

“Throat is very sore but no other symptoms. Started on Thursday.”

Earlier in the day, Gemma had told her followers about her health woes and reached out to them for any remedies they may know to alleviate her symptoms.

A written post on the picture sharing site, read: “On another note I’ve completely lost my voice. Like, it’s gone.

“I have a cough and no voice but absolutely no other symptoms.

“Two negative tests so no idea what it is. All I know is I sound like Barry White on 60 fags a day so radio will be fun later!

“Any remedies very welcome!!”(sic)

A video update followed shortly after, thanking fans for their suggestions, after giving some of them a go.

“Thanks for your remedy ideas. I’ve done steam, I’ve done honey and lemon. I’ve done all that.

“It’s weird cause I’m not ill…

“I feel OK in myself, it’s so bizarre,” she said.

Gemma is hoping to return to the airwaves later today to host her afternoon show at 4pm.

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