Georgia Kousoulou vows to be ‘on her game’ amid baby Brody ADHD worries

Georgia Kousoulou has promised to be "on her game" with her one year old son Brody, in case he has ADHD.

After discovering there's a possibility he could have the condition – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – due to family genetics, she vowed to take it really seriously and make sure she recognises symptoms through his younger years and get him tested early.

The TOWIE star, 31, was filmed hearing the news that her fiancé Tommy Mallet's dad Mark has also been officially diagnosed with the condition, which affects concentration and the ability to stay focused on any simple mundane task.

Relaxing at home on video call with her future father-in-law on the couple's ITVBE series Georgia & Tommy: Baby Steps, Georgia was joined by 30 year old Tommy sitting by her side.

"It's like the X Factor waiting for the result," she joked at first, as Mark could be seen going silent for a time on the phone screen.

Reflecting on the day they found out, Georgia admitted it was a long build-up, despite the couple and the rest of Tommy's family already suspecting the answer.

"Have you got it yes or no?" Georgia asked, as Mark explained that he does but it isn't "severe".

"Oh, up the shenanigans. It ain't a shock is it," Georgia laughed, as the relief of knowing the truth was finally there.

"You haven't got it bad?" the reality TV beauty clarified, as Mark said it was "moderate".

"They said I've always had it," he added.

Coming to terms with the fact that both her soon-to-be husband and his dad now have the diagnosis, Georgia was faced with approaching her own baby son.

With the condition known to be genetic, she explained to camera: "But yeah that's mad, he's found out at this age.

"Now we know Mark's got it, Tom's got it, so if Brody's got it he's the next generation.

Turning serious, Georgia then vowed to viewers: "I would make sure that I'm on it, I'm on my game.

"I [will] detect it early, so he hasn't got to go like 30 years, 60 years, without knowing," she added.

The star then asked Mark's partner Bev if she was "surprised" at the doctor's results, but the whole family had been prepared for the news.

Georgia and Tommy welcomed Brody, now one, in May last year.

The couple first got together on TOWIE in 2014 and have been together for eight years.


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