‘Heck of a day’ Martin Roberts on ’emotional rollercoaster’ amid secret TV project

Martin Roberts thanks fans after 'emotional rollercoaster'

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Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts is currently filming scenes for an unknown TV project that he is not allowed to talk about. The presenter took to Instagram and Twitter last night to share an intriguing update following “a heck of a day” which left him “battered and bruised”.

Martin said that all would be revealed in two weeks’ time after telling fans that he’d been on an “emotional rollercoaster” over the past couple of weeks.

In the meantime, his supporters have been trying to guess what he could be working on that would leave him so physically drained.

Martin returned to the picture-sharing site last night to tell fans that he had survived the day, after asking for “moral support” in an earlier post.

He also thanked fans for their support and encouragement despite the fact that they don’t know exactly what he’s been up to.

“Finally home. Slightly battered and bruised but in one piece!” Martin wrote online, in view of his 13,300 followers.

“Thank you again for all the encouragement.

“It got me through today and you can share in it when I can FINALLY reveal what I’m up to in about 2 weeks.

He shared more details in a video upload which accompanied the post.

Martin said: “Well I’m finally home. After what I have to say has been one heck of a day.

“I know it’s really frustrating that I can’t share what I’ve been doing but I thought I better just report back and say I’m still alive but it’s been an emotional rollercoaster. Tears, laughter, the whole lot.

“Apparently, we’ll be able to tell you what’s going on in about two weeks time, so that’s about the beginning of November and then you’ll understand everything that’s been going on.

“But I have to say, it has been a challenge and honestly, all your support and words of encouragement have helped me through it.

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“So when you see it, you can share in some of the success,” he went on to add.

Many took to the comments section of his post on both sites after trying to guess what upcoming TV show he is working on.

“Screen tests to be the new Bond,” Twitter user h_wozzah suggested.

“Shhhh,” Martin amusingly replied, playing along with the idea.

“You big tease Martin!! Sorry you got battered & bruised. Hope it was worth it,” user SueHarr15455249 remarked.

“Strictly Christmas special,” user G_B_1982 offered.

“I would say sas are you tough enough is probably more like it!”(sic) kieren22039552 added.

“You look shattered Martin but at least your still in one piece,”(sic) phalasz3 remarked.

Martin replied with a crazy face emoji.

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