Hilary Duff Had Everyone Thinking She'd Made a Pregnancy Announcement Thanks to This Instagram

So, the other day Lizzie McGuire legend Hilary Duff was minding her own business on a plane with her husband Matthew Koma, and decided to take a cute selfie for Instagram—which she captioned “Leaving for a little bit …. The 3 of us☺️.” And due to the fact that this photo is, at first glance, a picture of just Hilary and Matthew, everyone assumed she was making a subtle pregnancy announcement with that whole “3 of us” mention.


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Ahem, the comments:

Lots happening here!

Anyway, it looks like at some point Hilary and Matthew realized that they’d unintentionally caused the internet to spiral over a potential bb announcement, and Matthew hopped into the comments to explain, saying “she’s talking about @stephanjenkins sitting behind us you baby crazies.”

And yep, upon further inspection Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins is sitting behind them. Oh, and Matthew also hopped on his own Instagram (with the location tagged “It’s Just a Joke”), saying “just the three of us (stephan’s version).”


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Kay, so in conclusion Hilary Duff isn’t pregnant, but she is in a cute relationship with Matthew Koma, and they do have two adorable kids named Banks and Mae, as well as a son named Luca from Hilary’s previous relationship. That’s all!

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