How Drew Brees And Tom Brady Really Feel About Each Other

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees are two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Tom Brady’s career as a professional football player is unparalleled; he won six super bowls during his long run as a member of the New England Patriots and has played in nine throughout his career, the most super bowls played by anyone in NFL history, per his official Patriots biography. Drew Brees also has an impressive list of records, like the highest number of passes in an NFL career with 10,170th attempts, plus the records for career passing yards (77,576), passes that resulted in a touchdown (549), and completions (6,885), per NBC Sports in September 2020.

Brees and Brady also made NFL history together in being the first starting quarterbacks to play each other over the age of 40. Brees, however, took that win in their Sept. 13, 2020 game. With both having such a long history in the NFL, it would make sense that they have run into each other more than once. The players actually go way back, and they aren’t afraid to admit how they feel about each other.

Drew Brees and Tom Brady support each other

Although they’re each other’s competition on the field, Drew Brees and Tom Brady are friendly in real life. The players go back to their days as collegiate athletes — Brees for Purdue University and Brady for The University of Michigan. “His approach and his discipline during that time … he played at such a high level,” Brees told ESPN in 2017 of Brady’s talent as a college player.

Even decades after their first match up, Brees still holds that same respect for Brady. “I’ve got a ton of respect for Tom and what he’s accomplished,” he told CBS Boston in September 2017. “I don’t know if there is a guy in this game that has been more disciplined, more mentally tough and is just so consistent, so, so consistent. A lot to be respected. I have a ton of respect for him, his approach and his accomplishments.”

Brady feels the same way about Brees, even after he beat him in the game. “I think so highly of him and everything he’s accomplished,” Brady told reporters in October 2020, per USA Today. “He’s a great player and a great leader. Played on two different teams, been so productive, and it’s great when you see that happen.” 

It looks like both record-holding players will gown down in NFL history as both competitors and friends.

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