‘I told you you weren’t funny’ Naga Munchetty chides Alan Carr after he mocks her hobby

Naga Munchetty says she's struggling to go running since knee injury

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Fans of Naga Munchetty, 46, know how much of a golf nut she is, so when Alan Carr made a joke about the sport so dear to her heart, she wasn’t too impressed. So much so, that she branded the comedian unfunny in all respects.

It’s a joke, Naga!

Alan Carr

Chatting on his Life’s A Beach podcast, Alan wondered what it is about golf that she loves so much.

Any true golfer understands that it’s a very love/hate relationship but it was the latter that the comedian seemed to resonate with the most.

“Now, you love golf… why?” he giggled cheekily.

Before Naga could reply, Alan continued: “I don’t get it!”

He then made a list of what happens when golfers turn up at a course, while also making a joke that went right over the BBC Breakfast presenter’s head.

“I turn up at a links course [the oldest style of golf course], I’ve got my move v-neck, my pink cheque slacks, I’ve got my loafers.

“I change into my golf gear… what’re we doing?”

Naga paused for second before replying, sounding slightly confused: “I thought you were in the golf gear already?”

Alan sighed as he snapped: “It’s a joke, Naga!”

She took another pause before tutting: “See, I told you you weren’t funny!”

The pair laughed before moving on, with Alan exclaiming: “What’s enjoyable about it?!”

The BBC host shrugged as she said: “It’s time spent working on a skill that’s all yours, you can’t blame anyone for a bad shot.

“Unless they’re talking in your back-swing, and the answer to that is, ‘Is my golf interrupting your conversation?'”

Alan winced at the thought of Naga getting confrontational, saying: “Ooo, you’d say that to people?”

“Yes,” she replied, “I said that to someone the other week.

“I don’t like people talking while I’m playing golf, not while I’m taking my shot!”

“I don’t like people talking while I’m playing golf, not while I’m taking my shot!”

She went on to reveal it’s really good for mental health to be outside in the elements, surrounded by people.

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