Idaho Murder Victim Talking to Cop After Noise Complaint, New Video with Tie to Case

New body cam video from the Idaho murder house, months before the brutal killings, shows victim Xana Kernodle talking with cops about a noise complaint — and eerily she’s talking to the officer who eventually wrote the affidavit for murder suspect Bryan Kohberger.

The early September clip, obtained Thursday by Law & Crime Network, shows police order 2 people at the house to shut off the loud music, before having a conversation with Xana outside. The officer said this was his second time at the house that night — mentioning a similar incident hours before with one of the other victims, Maddie Mogen.

Xana, who explained she was inside just trying to sleep, was speaking to officer Brett Payne … the same cop who ended up responding to the murder scene in November, and later filed documents for police to get an arrest warrant for Kohberger.

Worth noting it’s really dark around the building, with seemingly no floodlights set up — possibly one of the reasons why the alleged murderer could get in and out of the house undetected.

As we reported, Kaylee Goncalves also came face-to-face with a police officer in August when police again responded for a party at the house.

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