Jay Blades teases ‘new show’ away from BBC’s The Repair Shop: ‘Busy filming!

Saturday Kitchen: Jay Blades says he’s ‘proper hungry’

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Jay Blades, 51, has announced he is working on an exciting new show, as he teased fans of what is to come by sharing a photo on Twitter over the weekend. The Repair Shop star shared a photo of him dressed suavely alongside DJ Spoony as they posed in London’s Hackney.

Jay typed: “Good morning all. just wanted to let you know that I’ve been busy filming a new show and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

“Here is a sneaky peek of me and my old friend @DJSpoony back in our old manor Hackney. 

He asked: “What do you think of the outfits?”

In response, fans declared they were excitedly anticipating the show as they praised their wardrobe choices.

One said: “You both look street, punk-ish & very stylish, you guys carry it well. Look forward to your new show.”

A second replied: “Looking forward to watching your new show Jay from Ireland.”

While a third typed: “Looking edgy and really quite dashing you both do!”

And a fourth commented: “Sharp outfits and ah love that wall. Who’s artwork is that Jay?”

Jay grew up on an estate in the Hackney area of East London where he lived with his mother and half brother.

As a young child, Jay had a troubling start to life as he faced racism from peers and also lived with dyslexia.

He left school at 15 without any qualifications and worked as a labourer and in factories.

In a new Channel 5 series, called The Streets Where I lived, Jay is revisiting the house where he grew up, as well as the area which he called home for so long.

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“I can’t wait to go back to my old neighbourhood and discover the history on its doorstep. 

“The places I visit are the buildings, streets and communities that made me the man I am today,” he told Deadline.

When Jay spoke about his life on the Hackney estate he said it was “sheltered and communal” and that “all the adults were classified as uncles and aunties, so they would look after everyone”.

He added: “They all knew my mum, and my mum knew their children. The estate was just like one big house.”

The series will be produced by the production company Hungary Jay Media and will focus on the presenter’s upbringing.

It will give audiences the chance to see how much or how little the estate has changed over the years.

Daniel Pearl, Channel 5’s Commissioning Editor for Factual and Current Affairs, told the Radio Times: “Audiences are used to seeing Jay shine a light on other people’s memories, but this series will turn the tables and give viewers an insight into his life, unearthing new discoveries not only about himself, but also the community he grew up in.”

The show is yet to be given a release date.

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