Jeremy Clarkson reprimanded by police operator after discovering unwanted visitors on farm

Jeremy Clarkson calls Kaleb a 'clown' after tractor mishap

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Jeremy Clarkson runs a 1,000-acre working farm in Oxfordshire. In his latest column, the former Top Gear presenter detailed a run-in with a “couple of chaps”, who asked him for a selfie.

The 61-year-old expressed his fears after the incident took place on his farm last Wednesday.

The Clarkson’s Farm star explained that a neighbour had recently found a drone crashed in their garden and they later discovered aerial footage of their houses, including Jeremy’s.

The Grand Tour star revealed there had been an increase of burglaries in the area adding to the car enthusiast’s fears.

Jeremy went on to explain that before the visitors had approached his land a “drone had been scouting the area just a few hours earlier”.

“So I was a bit worried last Wednesday when I looked up to see another drone, hovering over my farmyard,” he wrote in The Times.

“And then I was even more worried that night when a couple of chaps came up the drive in a Mk 1 murderer’s special Land Rover Discovery.

“They said they just wanted a selfie, and there’s nothing unusual about that.”

The small-screen star explained that it’s not uncommon for him to have several visitors come to his farm.

But on this occasion, Jeremy was slightly unimpressed and decided to contact the police.

“So, having politely invited the visitors to eff off, I dialled 101, which is the police-lite number for non-emergencies,” he explained.

“I was greeted with an extensive recorded message about how I should report a Covid breach.”

Jeremy explained that he was put through to a young woman who had asked him to describe the men at his property.


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He later revealed he was issued a warning after he described the visitors.

He went on: “She seemed to think I was reporting someone for wanting a selfie. But she did at least ask me to describe them, so I said they were Travellers.

“There was then a pause, after which she said that if I continued in this vein, she’d be forced to open a new line of inquiry into racist behaviour.

“That was scary, and tricky too, because how do you describe someone without bringing colour and religion and race into it?”

Jeremy confirmed to the operator that the visitors had in fact introduced themselves as travellers.

The Top Gear star went on to state that the police did eventually arrive at his farm but added he is “fed up” with how they deal with crime.

Jeremy argued that Thames Valley police had written a letter to him instead about proposals he had submitted to his local council about turning his lambing barn into a cafe.

They said there would be “no provisions for cycle parking”.

He wrote: “This is how [the police] are spending their time. Worrying about hedges and bike sheds and bins.”

Jeremy concluded that he believes the police “want to fight crime” but their hands are tied due to “idiotic inclusivity”.

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