Jessica Chastain is quarantining with her grandma, they exercise & cook together

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Jessica Chastain was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where she’s promoting her film The 355. It’s a female-centered espionage film that Jessica produced and got made. It also stars Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, Fan Bing Bing and Diane Kruger. You can see the trailer here, it just came out, and I’ve embedded it below too. I’m here for this movie it looks really awesome. It’s supposed to be in theaters in January, but will theaters even be open then?

On Late Night Jessica looked amazing. I was going to say she’s super skilled at doing her own hair and makeup, but she posted a video to her IG stories with a hair and makeup person so she had professional help. She had a canvas backdrop, which is a smart way of doing zoom calls. Jessica is famously tight about her personal life. We know she married a hot Italian guy in 2017 and that they probably have two kids. She has a daughter, Giuletta, about two, and another baby whose gender and name we don’t know. So she’s out here, living her best life and being a movie star while not sharing photos or even telling stories about her kids. On Seth she did talk about her grandmother though! Jessica said her gran came to live with her early in the pandemic and that they’re buddies. Here’s more of what she said and that interview is below.

Her grandmother is living with her
My grandmother was quarantined by herself. She started in February and she got real lonely so starting in the beginning of April she drove to my house and we have been quarantined ever since. We’re exercising and cooking and she’s a good hangout buddy. She’s a pretty cool grandparent. Her Instagram handle is like motorcyclegrandma.

On the title for her film, a female-center espionage thriller
355 was the code name for the first female spy during the revolutionary war. No one knows her real name to this day. Women today in espionage in the US use that moniker as a badge of honor, 355.

I had seen so many movies with [male] ensembles. I was wondering ‘why don’t we have movies with women?’ In the past our industry hasn’t been so great in allowing more than one woman on a set at the same time. They don’t want us in the same room. I wanted to do it and I guess I kind of made it happen.

Her tongue in cheek explanation of turning the tables on traditional spy films
Men have been discriminated against for so long. They have only been known for their skills and their talent and the things that they say. They have not been acknowledged for their sexual desirability in the way that women have had. I thought, you know what? It’s about time we do men justice. Let’s have some Bond boys. I just did it as a tweet as a joke. I actually received submissions for people to be Bond boys. It’s time that the guys get to be eye candy too.

[From Late Night with Seth Meyers]

I am so excited for this movie. Jessica said that they had to resume filming in London this July. They did a lot of testing and didn’t have any cases luckily. The guys Jessica mentioned that they’re using as eye candy are Edgar Ramírez and Sebastian Stan so that’s awesome. I’m more about the kickass women, but hot guys don’t hurt.

As for her grandmother living with her, I’m jealous! I miss my mom so much. I bet she helps a lot with the kids, but Jessica isn’t talking about that at all. She did say that she does a lot of self covid testing at home to make sure everyone is safe. Oh and Jessica is married to an Italian guy and Italians are usually really close with their extended families so I bet everyone gets along great.

Here’s the trailer for The 355!

Here’s Jessica’s interview:

She did share this cute story about her daughter.

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