Joe Biden’s Son Marries After TEN DAYS Of Dating! Wild New Details! Major Victory For Britney Spears! Da

Joe Biden‘s son is 49 years old. Do his actions reflect on his father?? Shocking new details of his quickie marriage!

Wendy Williams and her violent ex-con boyfriend are getting serious!

Britney Spears scores a big legal victory!

Chris Brown lies!

Is it lame or cool that Jennifer Lopez is an active YouTuber now?

Bethenny Frankel screams at mom over loud children!

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson‘s split!

And more of today’s hottest topics, including Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Dan Howell, Donald Trump, Katy Perry, R. Kelly, Dominican Republic, Geena Davis, Nicholas Sparks and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

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HUNTER BIDEN marries after 10 days:


BRITNEY SPEARS granted permanent restraining order against Sam Lutfi:


SAM LUTFI’s tactics towards Britney’s family:


WENDY WILLIAMs vs ex-husband:


CHRIS BROWN denies sending Karrueche Tran comments:



CARDI B vows no more plastic surgery:


CHRIS MARTIN and Dakots Johnson over:


BETHENNY FRANKEL vs The View cohost:


BOOTLEG ALCOHOL feared culprit in Dominican Republic:





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