Jordyn Woods Reacts to TikToker Trashing Her Clothing Line for Its ‘Clearance Bin’ Quality

A TikToker, who goes by the name thestellawilliams on the platform, trashes the social media personality’s newly-launched clothing line, Woods by Jordyn, as she claims that she feels ‘scammed by Jordyn Woods for $400.’

AceShowbizJordyn Woods is open for constructive criticism. Making use of her TikTok page, the 25-year-old influencer responded to a TikToker slamming her newly-launched clothing line, Woods by Jordyn, as she’s not impressed by Jordyn’s garments.

In response to the critic, who goes by thestellawilliams on the video-sharing platform, Jordyn started by praising the user for looking “phenomenal” in the dresses from her brand. “I also want to thank you for bringing so much exposure to my brand, we just launched on Monday. There’s always room for constructive criticism and I’m always listening to the customer so I can get better and improve,” she added.

“I will say there is a way to be honest and real without bringing other people down or without bringing other influencers into it,” Jordyn continued.

She later commented on the TikToker dubbing her dress material “clearance bin” quality. “Opinions are subjective until you felt the material and you know. Some people are gonna love it, and some people are not gonna like it. And it’s just what it is with everything,” she noted.

Jordyn went on to say there was one girl who commented on her brand’s Instagram page, wanting to return the dress because she hated the material. However, it turned out that the person never made an order. The second time her support team tried to reach out to the girl, she blocked the official account for the brand.

“This is a brand where I want the customer to be able to grow with me, to keep providing quality and inclusivity,” Jordyn stressed. “… But I do appreciate your constructive criticism. I would love to hear what brand you think provide the quality mesh that you’re looking for in ways we can continue to improve and we can grow together.”

People were loving how Jordyn handled the criticism. “Very classy response,” Tami Roman wrote in an Instagram comment. Someone blasted the TikToker, saying, “Her face alone tells me this was a personal attack from a malicious place! Also Stella please wear your style and that came from the truly best place deep in my heart.”

“Babyyyyy everything is not made for you honey .. you don’t have to like it but there’s a way to give an opinion without bashing,” one other added. “Naw that lady wasn’t giving constructive criticism u watch that video she was intentionally tearing down,” another comment read.

In her video, Stella showed how she looked in three dresses from Woods by Jordyn. “I do not support this brand. I do not support the price point,” she noted. “I’ve been doing my job for 7 years and I’ve never experienced mesh this low quality from a higher end store. That’s not a valid excuse.”

When donning the second dress, Stella said, “I also never said the items weren’t cute. They are, but this quality is giving clearance bin quality and any influencer says otherwise, I do not trust them.”

“I feel scammed by Jordyn Woods for $400, so I’m done following. That’s it,” she said while showing herself in the third dress.

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