JT and Lil Uzi Vert Appear to Patch Things Up After She Dumped Him Over His Old Tweet

The one-half of City Girls declares her love for the ‘You Was Right’ emcee as they flaunt PDA on social media just a little over a week after hinting at their split.

AceShowbizJT is seemingly not mad at Lil Uzi Vert anymore. A little over a week after she broke up with him over what he called a stupid reason, the pair appear to have patched things up and been back together.

The couple hinted at their reconciliation via social media. On Tuesday, April 12, JT posted a picture of her with Baby Pluto. In the image, she pouted her lips while he smiled to the camera, showing his diamond grills.

In the caption, JT declared her love for her man. “You know I love you like no one else could,” she wrote.

The one-half of hip-hop duo City Girls also posted on her Story a short video of Uzi flexing. In the clip, he held up a stack of cash while JT playfully puckered up as if she was about to kiss him.

Seemingly not surprised that JT and Uzi may have reconciled, one person commented, “we knew dis already.” Another reacted to the pair’s PDA, “DIDNT I TELL YALL THEY WAS GONNA.” A third echoed the sentiment as writing, “I knew it was coming. Y’all don’t miss a beat.”

Earlier this month, Uzi revealed on Twitter that JT dumped him because of his old tweet. “Jt broke up with me over this dumb a** s**t,” he penned alongside a walking-man emoji. “I don’t even do nothin FML.”

Uzi made the tweet after artist Distortedd reposted his tweet from 2015 that read, “if you was meth, I would do it all day long.” It prompted JT to fume, “idgaf if it was 2012 he said it was fake instead of old & since he want to run to the internet about it here y’all go!!!!”

Distortedd later clarified her relationship with Uzi, calling him her “homie.” She said in a video, “Uzi is my homie. It’s not even like that.” Apparently having received some hateful comments, the illustrator added, “It’s crazy that you all eating me up in the comments. Wild. It’s real wild,” before stressing, “It’s not like that.”

A few days later, Uzi lamented feeling “so lonely” on social media. The 26-year-old emcee wrote on Twitter, “So lonely I wonder if you would notice if I didn’t exist …Just thoughts from Uzi.” He was also caught liking a fan’s tweet that read, “Oh well. If she really loved you she would’ve never left. You back in mode.”

It’s not clear when they are back together, but things seem to be good between them now.

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