Judge Orders Spinderella’s Lawsuit Against Salt-N-Pepa To Mediation

A judge has ordered the members of Salt-N-Pepa to mediation in a lawsuit DJ Spinderella filed against her former band members seeking monetary compensation for pending royalties.

“A U.S. District Court Judge in the Dallas District today rejected DJ Spinderella’s requests for immediate relief against Salt-N-Pepa and its management, ordering the case to mediation,” a spokesperson for Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton said in a statement.

The spokesperson added, “We are grateful for the judge’s ruling as Salt-N-Pepa have been extremely generous to Spin over many decades and attempted to settle what amounts to a divorce, both peacefully and without rancor.”

Spinderella said in May that she received a “termination” letter from Salt-N-Pepa in January excluding her from performances with the group.

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