Justin Bieber Pulls Pants Down & Shows Off Underwear While Kissing Wife Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber is back in a pair of Calvin Klein underwear, this time with Hailey Baldwin wrapped around his waist! The pop star shared the intimate photo on Aug. 12, followed by a more clothed picture with an inspirational quote.

Justin Bieber, 25, sure does like to rock Calvin Klein underwear by his wife, Hailey Baldwin, 22. The “I Don’t Care” singer gave us a tease of his trendy tighty-whities on Aug. 12, when he shared a shirtless photo of him pulling his pants down while appearing to kiss Hailey’s neck [SEE THE PICTURE HERE]. The model kept her pants on in the steamy photo shared to Justin’s Instagram Story, but the singer joined his wife by throwing on sweats as well in another photo. “Two options, give up or don’t,” Justin wrote over their heads. The perfect motto for any marriage!

It’s unclear if the black-and-white photos were taken for fun, were old items on JB’s camera roll or were snapped for an upcoming Calvin Klein project, but the designer has been enlisting A-list stars for its fall 2019 underwear campaign. Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid and Odell Beckham Jr. have modeled for the #MYCALVINS #IRL movement, and they were all featured in a promotional video uploaded on Aug. 12 (the same day Justin shared his own undies picture). Justin’s no stranger to stripping down for Calvin Klein — who could forget when the Biebs rocked the world in those chiseled, tattoo-heavy photos from 2015?

Justin doesn’t just wear the iconic underwear in the photo studio. He’s also rocked it in the recording studio! The singer’s shorts sagged low to show off the signature Calvin Klein waistband once again in a photo snapped with his “studio chicka” Hailey, shared on May 26. And right after Justin proposed to Hailey in July 2018, he wore a soaking wet pair of the undies amid a celebratory getaway to Miami that month. Justin’s always pushing the boundaries in his Calvin Klein underwear — that is, when he’s not hiding his pants’ waistband in an oversized hoodie from his own clothing brand, Drew!

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