Kanye West Is Reportedly Talking to Divorce Lawyers This Week

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly stopped marriage counseling amid reports that they’re in pre-divorce settlement negotiations. A source tells People that the couple have “completely” stopped their counseling sessions, adding that Kanye “is talking to divorce lawyers this week.”

This news is probably unsurprising if you’ve been following the many, many, mannny reports about Kim and Kanye’s potential breakup. In fact, a source told Entertainment Tonight on January 5th that while Kimye had been in counseling for several months they weren’t “making much headway” and it seemed like the “relationship had run its course.”

While reports indicate divorce is imminent, Kim and Kanye are still on good terms. A source recently told E! News that the pair “have no bad blood and they are very cordial,” adding that Kim’s family are on board with the split: “All of the sisters are aware of the situation and are very supportive. They all love Kanye like a brother but agree it’s best they part ways.”

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