Kid Rock Pitted Against Bruce Springsteen in Twitter Poll, Who You Got?

Kid Rock and Bruce Springsteen are going head-to-head in a very unofficial fan poll taking place on the internet — and wouldn’t you know it … it’s politics as usual, yet again.

Somebody posed the strange question this weekend … asking Twitter quite simply, “Bruce Springsteen or Kid Rock” — and boy, did the bird app people give her a piece of their mind. Lo and behold, this turned into political mudslinging — as these things often do.

Of course, Kid is much more so associated with right-wing views — so as you can imagine, people who lean that way were coming out in fierce defense of KR … dubbing Bruce as a leftist, etc. Ditto for fans of the Boss — they too were name-calling.

Interestingly, the original question-poser tried to weed out the associations and connotations that each artist might carry outside of music, and answered her own question based solely on skill. In her mind, she doesn’t think Bruce is all that he’s cracked up to be.

Most music fans would probably disagree with her … and the evidence is in the cold, hard numbers here. While musical taste is certainly subjective — you can’t deny that Bruce runs laps around Kid when it comes to hit singles, sales and overall popularity big picture.

On the Billboard Chart alone, Bruce takes the cake — he’s got a total of 26 songs that made it on the Billboard’s Hot 100 list, 12 of which cracked the Top 10 … with “Secret Garden” and “Dancing in the Dark” sticking around for 23 and 21 weeks, respectively.

Kid, meanwhile, only has 6 songs that made it into the Hot 100, and just one made into the Top 10. That’d be “Picture,” which hung in tight on the chart for a total of 34 weeks.

And on pure numbers alone for units sold — Bruce, again, beats Kid … he’s got about 150 million record sales worldwide, compared to KR’s 27 million. So it’s not really a contest or a matter of opinion in this regard … Bruce has, objectively, outperformed the Kid.

Like we said, the discourse around this bizarre juxtaposition seems to have devolved into nothing more than a Democrat vs. Republican chat — with each camp coming to their own artist’s defense.

That’s the way of the world lately, we suppose — but again, to each their own. With that said, we’ll put the question out there right here … who’s better, Kid or Bruce???

Who Ya Got — The Kid or The Boss???

Leaving out politics altogether, naturally … that’s what we’re curious about. Sound off!

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