Kim Kardashian: Kourtney is STEALING My Entire Life!!

A lot of Keeping Up With The Kardashians drama has centered upon Kim Kardashian’s possible Lupus diagnosis. That’s a huge deal.

But for the family, life goes on, and Kourtney is turning to her sisters for their thoughts on her wardrobe.

Kim may be sick, but she has plenty of strength to tell Kourtney that she’s an unoriginal, style-stealing copycat.

In this Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek, Kourtney is so undecided about what sort of look she wants to serve.

“I’m trying to pick an outfit for my party,” Kourtney tells Khloe.

She is speaking, of course, of her 40th birthday party — which took place last April.

The gorgeous pink dress that she is considering is a stunning pink that we’d like to call White Zinfandel, and Khloe approves.

“That’s cute!” she tells her eldest sibling.

Kourtney isn’t so sure, saying: “It’s too Romy and Michele vintage Dior.”

“I think it’s fab,” counters Khloe in the very latest 2004 lingo. “You’re just not into it?”

Once again, Kourt explains her Romy and Michele hestiation.

Khloe then asks the big question: “What does Kim say?”

This is when Kourtney reveals that Kimberly did not actually see this outfit, which gets the ball rolling.

Kourtney wants to send Kim a pic, Khloe asks if they can FaceTime Kim (already on it).

This is when Kourt whispers: “I don’t know that I trust her opinion the most.” Ooh!

Khloe cracks a smile, asking “Why?”

“Who do you want to FaceTime, Kendall?” Khloe asks with a smirk.

The implication is that Khloe thinks that Kourtney is too predictable about wanting to call her hottest sibling for advice.

“Do you like this?” Khloe asks Kim while filming Kourtney in her gorgeous dress.

When Kourtney brings up her Romy and Michele related hesitation again, Khloe goes off: “Stop saying that!”

“If people are saying something,” she playfully admonishes. “Stop trying to control their brain.”

She has a good point. Asking for someone’s opinion doesn’t count for much if you blurt out your opinion at them first.

Khloe then confesses to Kim: “She wants me to call Kendall because she doesn’t care about you and [me].”

Khloe does not hide how much she enjoys stirring up a bit of conflict. To be fair, it’s literally her job to be dramatic on camera.

“If you don’t care about you and I … why do you keep on picking out all of the same clothes?” Kim then asks, accusatorily.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kourtney protests.

She insists: “I’ve never dressed like you.”

“I dress completely different than Kim!” Kourtney emphasizes loudly, so that it can be heard across FaceTime.

“I don’t think Kourtney understands the legwork that goes behind this,” Kim admits to the confessional camera.

(By the way, her hair is looking great in these confessional clips this season, even though the background still looks like an earthworm)

“Like,” Kim continues. “I don’t think anybody understands.”

She explains: “You have to really have a relationship with that designer.”

“Like, I’ve been spending months and months flying to Miami to see what his vision is,” Kim cites as an example.

“So for her to jump in,” Kim complains. “I was just like … ‘Come on, she has no idea how this works.'”

This is where the words (and music) get more heated as Kim’s accusations and resentments bubble to the surface.

At this point, the discussion is no longer about Kourtney’s birthday. It’s all about the Met Gala.

Kim then feels that Kourtney is totally encroaching upon her fashion territory.

Why? Because a number of outfits were pulled by Kourt’s stylist. Does Kim think that Kourt will wear all of them at once?

Kourtney speaks to the confessional, lamenting that they’re even having such a ridiculous conversation.

To quote Kourt from years ago: “Kim, there’s people that are dying.”

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