Kimmel Blasts Giuliani For Ukraine Call: His 'Second Most Damaging Tape'

On Tuesday, CNN released audio of Giuliani calling up a Ukrainian official over Biden conspiracies

Lindsey Ellefson

Kimmel did a succinct job summing up what happened Tuesday: “CNN got their hands on it. Rudy can be heard repeatedly pressing Ukrainian officials, who at the time were desperate for our support that would help them hold their ground against the Russian army.  And you’re not gonna believe what a coincidence this is: At that same time, Trump was withholding that support, Rudy was leaning on them to announce that they were investigating Joe Biden.”

According to CNN, the 40-minute call between Giuliani, American diplomat Kurt Volker and Andriy Yermak, a senior adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and “was a precursor to Trump’s infamous call with Zelensky.”

Trump, as Kimmel pointed out, was impeached over the Zelensky call, which took place a few days later. A year later, Giuliani was in the news for a scene in “Borat” in which he appears in a hotel room with a young television reporter character, unaware he’s being played by Sacha Baron Cohen as he puts his hands in his pants. According to Giuliani, he was adjusting his shirt. Earlier this week, Kimmel included that moment in his review of various Republican’s issues with their pants.

Check out Kimmel’s assessment above, via ABC.

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