King Charles plans ‘family Christmas’ at Sandringham to keep ‘tradition alive’

King Charles is expected to plan a family Christmas at Sandringham to maintain a royal tradition.

The Royal Family will continue to gather on the 73 year old King's Norfolk estate in December as the new monarch's reign begins.

Charles, who is known to be a "stickler for tradition", is determined that the monarchy conveys a sense of stability and continuity, insiders close to him have claimed.

A source told The Telegraph: "His philosophy is that the monarchy is the constant state, inhabited by different individuals.

"The family traditions will continue as much as those of state."

But Charles is expected to have a shorter stay at Sandringham than his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who would arrive in late December and stay into February.

Charles generally spends January at his Scottish home of Birkhall, where he headed this week to privately grieve and recuperate after the Queen was laid to rest on Monday.

While the King is likely to introduce his own traditions, many of the existing rituals would remain.

This includes the monarch's annual birthday parade, the Trooping of the Colour, in June.

King Charles, whose actual birthday is on November 14, will follow a royal tradition dating back 250 years of a having second "official" birthday in the summer.

However, next year, his coronation may be around that time, meaning it could be abandoned.

Charles is expected to be officially crowned King in Spring 2023 on a special date that pays homage to his late mother, and could coincide with the 70th anniversary of her own coronation.

It comes as his wife Camilla is reportedly expected to scrap another royal tradition that was close to the Queen's heart, ladies in waiting.

Royal historian Marlene Koenig predicts the Queen Consort may not appoint the dedicated team of personal assistants, unlike other royal women.

Elizabeth II appointed nine personally chosen ladies-in-waiting from 1953 to 2017, who assisted her with day to day tasks from picking outfits and helping her dress to putting together her diary of engagements and arranging private events.

Meanwhile, King Charles III is expected to choose France as a surprise destination for his first state visit, rather than one of the Commonwealth realms, after bonding with president Emmanuel Macron over environmental issues.

The trip, which would be the first state visit to a foreign country since 2015 because of the Queen’s restricted ability to travel, could also include Germany and may be as soon as next month.


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