Kirstie Allsopp hits back at ‘sad’ Twitter users: ‘Couldn’t give 10 w***s’

Christmas: Esther Rantzen and Kirstie Allsopp clash on rules

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Kirstie Allsopp, 49, often engages in debates with users on Twitter and she’s not afraid to hit back when things get heated. But when it comes down to correcting spelling as an insult, the presenter had had enough.

I couldn’t give 10 w***s on a WFH Day if you have a problem with that

Kirstie Allsopp

In view of her 423,600 followers, she snapped: “I type fast, and often make mistakes, and I feel passionately about the topics I engage with on Twitter.

“I couldn’t give 10 w***s on a WFH Day if you have a problem with that.”

It comes after she tweeted in support of ending social distancing restrictions, an opinion which divided her followers.

“Just chatted to friend who’s visiting her Aunt this week, the friend is twice vaccinated, as is her Mum & Aunt,” Kirstie had written earlier.

“Her Mum is longing to hold her sister’s hand but it isn’t allowed, they will be separated by a perplex screen. If you don’t think this is wrong you’ve been brainwashed.”

While many agreed and disagreed with her point, some chose to pick apart her spelling instead, with one writing: “You got Perspex and Perplex screen mixed. Then again I am not sure you did.”

Another quipped: “I’ll tell you what is criminal? Your spelling! #Perplex.”

In a separate post, the presenter urged those who take aim at people’s spelling to “unfollow” her instead.

“If you going to tweet me to say it’s ‘maths’ not ‘math’ you’re a really sad individual and you’re better off unfollowing me,” she stated, seemingly not in the mood for games on Sunday afternoon.

Back in March, decided to take a “wee break” from the social media site, saying she has been targeted by “unpleasant people” online in recent weeks.

The Location, Location, Location star vowed to return to the micro-blogging site after she has had time to relax over the Easter holidays.

Kirstie typed: “Taking a wee break from Twitter. Always a good idea to do this from time to time.

“You can get bogged down fretting about the unpleasant people, and you forget that the vast majority of people are good & kind. I’ll be back after Easter.”

Underneath fans said they hoped she would enjoy her break, as they praised her strength at dealing with online trolls.

One said: “Exactly this. I was distraught earlier when just one person was nasty to me on Twitter. I don’t know how you blue tick people cope with it day in day out. Look after yourself.”

A second replied: “Enjoy the break. Think it’s a wise choice given that you aren’t afraid to ‘lead with your chin’ on things about which you feel strongly and that, unfortunately, lays you open to unwarranted attack/abuse. When you return I expect you to be as opinionated as ever!”

A third commented: “Enjoy the break hun your calm intelligent tweets will be missed have a good Easter.”(sic)

A fourth remarked: “There are lots of people who love you Kirstie.”

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