Kody Brown and Christine Brown: Literally Back Together!

Are they or are they not together?

This question has been asked about Kody Brown and Christine Brown for several months now.

Just as has been the case for Kody and all his Sister Wives, fans have been unsure whether this marriage is on the rocks or sailing as smoothly as ever, considering all the divorce rumors floating around the Internet these days.

For at least one afternoon, however, the question posed above was finally answered, very loudly, clearly and obviously:

Yes, Christine and Kody are together.

In a very literal sense.

The Sister Wives patriarch and this wife hung out over the weekend in honor of daughter Aspyn graduating from college, with Christine sharing the following sweet family photo of the trio on Instagram:

She included with it a caption that reads:

Congratulations @aspynbrownthompson so proud of you and your accomplishments. You’ve risen to the top with grace and goodness. Couldn’t be prouder of you.

#graduation #unlvgraduation #hardwork #coffeeislife #endlessessays.

Christine didn’t mention anything about the state of her marriage to Kody, although this really wouldn’t have been the time to do so anyway.

Fans, however, did make a point to compliment the reality stars on how they’ve raised Aspyn.

“I continue to be blown away by the quality of humans you guys are parenting,” wrote one user as a comment on this photo.

“While I could never be a polygamist myself there is truly something going very right here,” another added. “Way to go Aspyn! Your family continues to amaze me.”

These are nice sentiments, and we’re glad Aspyn is doing well and everything… but we still can’t help but wonder about Kody and Christine’s future as a couple.

They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in March, but it caught the attention of many Sister Wives viewers that they did NOT do so as a couple.

It was also noted at that time how Christine Tweeted a bitter remark about one of Kody’s exes, actually writing online for the world to see:

Not a good sign, right?

There have been bad signs all around these days for Kody and his four wives.

It’s seeming more and more likely that their situation is simply untenable, especially when you consider that Kody was recently spotted without his wedding ring on, allegedly trying to flirt with women at the gym.

After many decades as a husband to the same women, and after producing 18 children with these women, might Kody be ready to move on?

Or, even more understandably, might these women be ready to move on?

We really hope so. It’s never too late to leave a cult.

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