Kourtney Kardashian Chopped Off Her Hair and Travis Barker Thinks It's "Perfect"

Today in Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker being the cutest news, Kourt got a major haircut and Travis declared his obsession with it.

Kourtney hopped on Instagram Saturday to share a look at her new ~lewk~ with fans. The 42-year-old mom/all-around badass is now officially a proud, card-carrying member of the lob club. And, spoiler alert, Kourt makes a long bob look absolutely amaze.

She shared a total of four pics of the new ‘do on IG, captioned simply (but perfectly) with the scissors emoji. Behold the glory for Short Hair, Don’t Care Kourtney K below:


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And if you’re shipping Kourtney and her boyfriend, Travis Barker, there’s even more news because the Blind-182 drummer made it clear in the comment section that he’s obsessed with Kourt’s new look.

“You’re perfect,” he wrote, because of course he did. #Swooning

Earlier this month, Kourtney shared pictures of another haircut, which apparently came courtesy of Travis himself. “Ten days of quarantine …,” Kourt captioned the photo dump that included evidence of Travis’ expert styling skills.


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If you find yourself battling pangs of jealousy every time you so much as think of Kourtney and Travis, that’s totally fair. The could are “head over heels and never experienced love like this. Kourtney is the happiest,” a source recently told E! News. “Travis adores her and treats her so well. It’s very different than her other relationships and all positive.…It’s a special love and they want to celebrate that and enjoy it.”

And if you’re shipping Kourtney and Travis all the way to the altar, take heart because another ~insider source~ aded that they have indeed talked about putting a ring on it.

It was an instant connection and bond ever since they became romantically involved,” the second source said. “They are in it for the long haul. Everyone in the family adores Travis and their families mesh seamlessly. Kourtney is so close with Travis’s kids now and vice versa. They have become a family unit together and it’s special.”

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