Kristin Cavallari Kissing Mystery Guy at Chicago Bar

Kristin Cavallari is back in the game, mackin’ on a new guy in the Windy City.

Kristin was at Fulton Market, a bar and restaurant district in Chicago where Kristin has a shop nearby. She was all dressed up and clearly into this guy, though we don’t know who he is.

As we reported, Kristin and Jay Cutler are getting divorced … she announced in April. The divorce has gotten nasty … Kristin has accused Jay of being controlling and manipulative and saying derogatory things about her to their kids.

Lots of people thought Kristin had hooked up again with ex-boyfriend and “Laguna Beach” alum, Stephen Collett, back in August … but we’re told they’ve been friends for years and that all this was … friends getting together.

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