Leah Messer: Is She Still Involved With That Creepy Cult?!

Back in October of 2019, a rumor that Leah Messer had joined a cult began to make it's way across the social media landscape.

At first, it seemed too ridiculous to be true, but eventually, the reports were confirmed by a reliable source — Leah herself.

First, she took to Twitter and started trying to convince A-list celebrities to join Mastery in Transformational Training.

Next, Leah started trying to recruit regular folks — Teen Mom 2 fans, many of them single moms, who expressed fear about writing huge checks to an organization they'd never heard of before.

That's when Kailyn Lowry stepped in and prevented her friend from doing any further damage.

Now we have new information on Leah's level of involvement with MITT.

And it seems there's some good news and some bad news …

1.Hot Messer

2.Member For Life?

3.Going Hard

4.Aiming High

5.Changing Strategies

6.The Hard Sell

7.To the Rescue

8.Testing Their Bond

9.Trusting the Process

10.Spilling the Tea

11.The Graduate

12.Still Close

13.Keeping It Casual

14.Reading Between the Lines

15.Wild Guess


17.Quite the Opposite

18.Moment of Reflection

19.The Truth Hurts

20.First-Time Author

21.The Low Point

22.Rock Bottom

23.Scary Stuff

24.The Good News

25.The Bad News

26.Stay Sharp

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