Lena Dunham Welcomes Comments On Her Instagram Nude

Lena Dunham would very much like for you to comment on her naked body. She’s posed nude on Instagram for the first time in likely minutes and is awaiting your input. However, there’s a catch. You have to write something nice and it has to be about yourself. In exchange, Lena will donate $1 to charity, and no it’s not a charity that does free eye-ball power washing to people who’ve inadvertently memorized all of Lena’s tattoos (pray she doesn’t take $1 away from the charity because of that comment).

Thankfully, the photoshoot wasn’t art directed by Ansel Elgort, and there’s only the one money shot. According to Lena’s IG history, she’s in Wales “Channeling Jane Austen in Welsh gardens and wearing nightgowns all day”, painting pictures of her friends’ boobs. But unlike Jane Austen, who would never (everybody knows that when Jane frolicked in the nude, she knew better than to post the sketches on the Graphitegram), Lena got a little frisky and dropped the nighty for a very special shot.

People reports:

With her back to the camera, Dunham, 33, wore nothing but a necklace and earrings as she sat on a blanket in the grass and looked over her shoulder. Along with the clothing-free photo, the actress called for fans to write positive things about themselves in the comments section.

To make things even better, for each empowering comment, Dunham vowed to donate a dollar to the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House, a recovery home for women in the United States.

Lot’s of Lena’s famous blue-check friends were happy to get the ball rolling, including Orlando Bloom who wrote:

You’re a genius! I’m a recovering- impulsive risk taker – I love my sincere and sometimes too sensitive heart ❤️” added Bloom..

Somebody get Katy Perry a shawl, it must be cold in that shade. And since we’re all here on Lena’s Insta, where none of us want to be, we might as well take stock of what’s new now, so we don’t have to come back again. Lena has a new tattoo that’s in keeping with her role as an ailment aficionado.

And Lena got that little black dog she wanted but she didn’t follow through with her impulse to name her Rosa Parks. She named her Ingrid. According to LA Magazine:

The multi-hyphenate millennial recently adopted “Henni Grem” through A Purposeful Rescue, an L.A. operation that saves elderly, injured, and ill dogs from the area’s high-kill shelters. Dubbed “gremmicorns” (aka gremlin-unicorns), Henni and her relatives became minor Instagram celebrities thanks to their unusual (albeit extremely cute) appearance.

That’s a very telling description of Ingrid’s face. I have no doubt Lena has seen that face more than a few times.

Pic: Instagram

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