Lewis Capaldi fans take over singing as he struggles with Tourette’s symptoms on stage

Lewis Capaldi captured the hearts of fans everywhere in Frankfurt this week, when he appeared to struggle with his Tourette’s symptoms during a highly-anticipated gig in the German city.

The 26 year old Scottish star previously opened up about living with the neurological condition last year, as he explained how the condition caused him to suffer from a combination of involuntary noises and movements, called tics.

During Lewis’ performance, the singer suddenly suffered a frustrating bout of tics, and in a now viral video clip, could be seen turning away from the microphone as he struggled with his head and shoulder twitching.

However, rather than let this ruin the performance, Lewis’ fans immediately jumped to the singer’s aid and began to sing along en masse until the symptoms passed.

The heartwarming moment saw thousands of fans gathered at the gig finish off the end to his smash hit song Someone you Loved, allowing Lewis enough time to recompose himself and once again return the stage to continue his with his performance.

Sharing a clip of the gig on TikTok, one fan wrote: “We support you!” while a caption of the footage read: “Fans finishing off the song for Lewis as he struggles with his Tourette’s.”

Lewis first opened up about living with the condition on The Jonathan Ross show last year, when he explained it had actually been quite a relief to finally get a diagnosis.

“I do have Tourette's. I didn't mean for it to be a big thing. I twitch a lot. My left shoulder goes up and I do this with my head. Now I am the poster boy for Tourette's. I'll take it, I'll gladly accept that,” he told host Jonathan.

He then continued: “It was seven or eight months ago [that I was diagnosed]. I thought I had a degenerative disease. So to be told it was in fact that I have Tourette's, as you can imagine, was quite a relief. It's fine. Everything works!”

Finally being able to put a label on his condition also helped Lewis, as he also revealed how he had previously felt alone in suffering with his symptoms.

“I thought I was quite alone in being twitchy. It's been a relief and, if anything, nice to know I have a community. I'm quite an anxious person, I really start to overthink things if something's wrong – this was a weight off my mind.”

One of the ways Lewis has learnt to manage his symptoms is through exercise and healthy eating, although the Brit award winner also recently trialled a new wrist device to help ease his tics.

The Neupulse device, which was developed at the University of Nottingham, delivers mild electrical stimulation currents to nerves in the wrist which are designed to influence the area of the brain responsible for causing tics.

Within moments of trialling the device, Lewis found he instantly felt calmer, something which could mean it’s a potentially life changing device for other Tourettes sufferers out there too.


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