Lil Uzi Vert Defended Against Troll Accusing Him of ‘Faking’ His Depression After Cryptic Posts

The ‘Sanguine Paradise’ rapper takes to Instagram Stories to share a video of him revealing that he’s feeling sad after his text messages are getting ignored by an unknown person.

AceShowbizLil Uzi Vert is not feeling really good. On Friday, October 18, the rapper shared on Instagram Stories a couple of cryptic posts that got many people everyone worried about his well-being. However, one person thought Uzi was just sharing the posts to get people’s attention, and that didn’t sit well with his fans.

The post was a screengrab of his text message with an unknown person, who apparently ignored all of his chat even when he needed him/her. The “Sanguine Paradise” rapper said, “I’m not feeling well. That’s crazy. You said you would be here for me no matter what.” He later sent the person another message that read, “I can’t believe you left me and I never left you.”

As the person still didn’t respond to his message, Uzi continued writing, “Can you please answer. Wtf. Why would you leave me.” In the caption of the post, the 25-year-old wrote, “No love,” along with a broken heart emoji. Meanwhile, another post showed him typing, “WHY IS LIL UZI VERT SO SADDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDD DDDDDDDDD,” on Google search bar.

People have since been showering Uzi with messages of support, but one individual thought he was just faking it. “I’m so tired of these fake depressed rappers [Juice WRLD], Lil Uzi,” said the user, before adding in another comment, “We really using depression for clout now.” And while Uzi has yet to respond to the troll, several of his fans have done it in his stead.

“You’re the clown man,” wrote one person. “You don’t know what tf he’s going through. We all know Uzi is sad asf.” On the other hand, someone said, “How do you know it’s fake? Depression is a real thing and can happen to anyone. Will you believe him when he harms himself,” with another chiming in, “I’m tired of seeing you in the comment.”

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