Louisa Lytton’s wedding drama explained as she ‘cries with relief’ at the altar

EastEnders star Louisa Lytton and long-term partner Ben Bhavra never thought the day would come that they'd finally tie the knot.

After Louisa said "yes" to fiancé Ben in 2019, the pair – who this week have embarked on their stunning Italian honeymoon with six-month-old daughter Aura – went through the process of planning their special day three times over, with the Covid-19 pandemic bringing each arrangement to a consecutive halt.

Finally however, three years after Ben originally popped the big question during a romantic getaway to the Maldives, the happy couple said "I do" in an elaborate Tuscan ceremony in front of their close friends and family.

When Ben, 32, first set eyes on his beautiful bride walking down the aisle in the Italian countryside of Siena, he claimed to have had tears in his eyes. Louisa too, as she fittingly strode down the aisle to the acoustic version of CeCe Peniston’s 'Finally' with her father, Allan.

But when the actress, 33, finally made it to the altar, she and Ben couldn't do anything but laugh as the stresses and disappointments of the last three years quickly melted away.

"I just felt relieved," she says. "I felt like we had finally done it. It’s the same for any Covid bride. And I think we’re just so relieved.

"I remember us giggling at the altar, just thinking about how long it took to get us here."

"Yeah, we couldn’t stop giggling with tears in our eyes," Ben adds.

Louisa claims not to have been able to stop crying throughout the duration of the day, as she thought of the trouble her friends and family had gone to see them get married.

And at one point, there were fears her close friend and EastEnders co-star Lacey Turner wouldn’t make it to the ceremony after her flight was unexpectedly cancelled.

"I did not stop crying, because it had taken people so much to get there," she says. "I was waiting by my phone from the Friday for people to tell me that they had landed.

"And then they were saying, 'Our train has been cancelled, so now we’re on the coach.' We couldn’t believe how much effort people made to get out there for our special day, so I cried a lot when I saw people that I wasn’t sure if they were going to make it or not.

"Obviously, I cried walking down the aisle with my dad. It was so emotional. Me and him are such emotional people anyway, so we couldn’t stop."

It wasn't just the bride and groom that were swept up in the emotions of the day however, as Ben explains: "All of my friends were crying, everyone was just so happy and relieved.

"I was nervous when I knew Louisa was walking down and when she had just got to the sides of the aisle, yeah, that’s when I turned around and tried to hold it in otherwise to be in trouble."


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