Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague admits attempt to breastfeed herself

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Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague, 23, was so concerned that she was not expressing any milk that she put one of her own breasts inside her mouth in a desperate attempt to stimulate the flow. The star, who is expecting a baby girl with Tommy Fury, lamented that she “hadn’t leaked a single drop”.

“I tried to put my own nipple in my mouth – my boobs are so big, it’s actually possible!” she told her YouTube fans.

Fans were left open-mouthed by her candid confession after she first feared it was “too X-rated for the internet”, but then declared, “no, screw it” and decided to share.

“Some of my friends have been leaking milk from like 20 weeks, or drops of colostrum, but my boobs are dry… no signs of anything,” she lamented.

“I gave it a little test, but nothing happened!”

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Molly-Mae is expecting to welcome her first child any day now, with some fans speculating the birth had already taken place.

She showed fans a huge suitcase that she’d opted to take with her on a recent trip, explaining it away by admitting that, for “privacy reasons”, she and Tommy had decided she’d go to a hospital in London.

“I know I’m going to get so many comments, like ‘What on earth are you doing? You’re packing too much,'” she reasoned.

“I’m hoping it will make sense as to why it may look like I’m packing excessively [though].”

In the video, she looked glammed up in a bright purple sweatshirt by ROTATE Birger Christensen and hoop earrings, although her hair was scraped back casually.

The reality TV star admitted she’d crammed her luggage case full of maternity pads, perfume pads to freshen up her intimate area, cooling pads to reduce inflammation, and even disposable underwear.

She described her forthcoming post-birth bath as the “most important shower I will ever take” and defended her decision to take a range of toiletries with her too.

“I know everyone will think I’m a mad woman and I’m packing really nice toiletries like I’m going to a fancy hotel, but I just want it to feel like home!” she exclaimed.


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Meanwhile, she recently even hit the gym and bared her heavily pregnant belly as she tried out some dance moves.

As fans speculate over whether she has already gone into labour, her beau Tommy Fury posted an intriguing Instagram post of her on the train.

He captioned it: “Exciting times with my girls”, leading followers to wonder whether the trio were heading home from London following the birth.

Molly has been looking forward to welcoming her new arrival after admitting that pregnancy has been playing havoc with her self-confidence.

“My skin is… about the only thing that’s holding it together. My body is drowning in stretch marks,” she lamented in another recent YouTube video.

She also added: “The last couple of weeks I’ve been really struggling to look at my face.

“I just feel like it’s gone puffy and swollen – which is… a totally normal thing to happen through pregnancy.”

She added cellulite and hairy armpits to her list of woes, and admitted builders had told her she seemed as if she was expecting twins.

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