Luka Doncic Drops Over $250k For Custom Hellfire Apocalypse Truck

NBA superstar Luka Doncic‘s new MASSIVE whip came with a hefty price tag … ’cause TMZ Sports is told the Dallas Mavericks hooper paid more than a quarter million bucks for his fully decked-out Hellfire Apocalypse truck!!!

The 3-time All-Star had social media buzzing when he showed up to American Airlines Center for Wednesday night’s matchup against the Atlanta Hawks in his new 6-wheeler … and as it turns out, it’s even more epic than you could imagine.

The folks at Apocalypse Manufacturing tell us Luka reached out to get a truck of his own after seeing their vehicles all over TikTok … and the finished product was personally delivered to him in Texas.

AM says Luka is now the proud owner of the most fully-loaded Hellfire ever built … and it comes with thermal and night vision cameras, a locomotive five blast train horn, nitrous kit, 850 horsepower and even a built-in safe!!

And, in case Luka wants to have a jam session before his games, he can use his 10,000-watt custom audio system!!!

The truck has six 10-ply, 40-inch tires … and 22-inch anthracite rims.

Just look at the thing in action — the car looks like a cartoon bull with the way it can shoot smoke out of its grill!!!

Luka’s new wheels didn’t come cheap — we’re told he paid more than $250k for the whole thing — but considering the guy has made over $69 million in five seasons, he can most certainly afford it.

Enjoy the whip, Luka!!!

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