Madison Beer Hopes Another Justin Bieber Collaboration Will Be Released Soon!

Madison Beer takes the cover of Elite Daily‘s Fall “Back At It” issue!

The 20-year-old singer opened up her songs with Justin Bieber, defending Kylie Jenner, and how her early songs not charting affected her. Check it out:

On another Justin Bieber collaboration: “We’ve actually made a lot of songs together, they just haven’t come out. Hopefully soon.”

On her early singles failing to chart and the toll it took on her: “I wasn’t well. I was off my sh*t. I didn’t feel like lying … like what do I owe society? To have to force myself to be okay? I wasn’t. I needed to take this time.”

On defending Kylie Jenner: “I’m the one to defend her to the grave.”

On what keeps her so “down to earth”: “I’m very aware of myself, so I don’t let myself go off the rails. You’ll never see headlines like, ‘Madison Beer Is A Drug Addict’ or ‘She’s Out Of Control.’ I will never be that person. Ever.”

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