Mike Richards will stay on as ‘Jeopardy’ exec. producer, but Sony got him a ‘minder’

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All we hear these days is how white, hetero, cis men are so scared. They’re terrified of being cancelled, horrified that the Cancel Police have the power and authority to take away their jobs, their livelihoods and their complacency. They are so mad that disenfranchised people have a voice in society and that it’s not business as usual. It’s so scary, they wail. Why won’t anyone give sexist, racist white men all of the power and authority? Well, Mike Richards stepped down as Jeopardy host last week because the Cancel Police came for him, and he was held accountable for his long history of sexism, ableism and racism. The hosting job was something he gave himself, as a treat, as executive producer of Jeopardy. While he stepped down as host, he’s still EP. And it’s apparently going to stay that way, because everyone at Sony is bending over backwards to protect the poor marginalized white dude.

Last week, Mike Richards lost his gig as the new host of “Jeopardy!,” faced a rebuke from the Anti-Defamation League, heard an outpouring of dismay from the show’s demoralized staff, and was forced to apologize after it was revealed he made sexist and crude jokes on a podcast several years ago in which he mocked women’s appearances, unemployed workers and the size of Jewish noses.

This week, Mr. Richards is back running the show. And his bosses at Sony appear intent on keeping it that way.

In a show of defiance that has baffled Hollywood, Sony Pictures Entertainment has signaled that it will keep Mr. Richards on as executive producer of “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune.” During a call with “Jeopardy!” staff on Monday, Sony’s top TV executive, Ravi Ahuja, made clear that the studio supported Mr. Richards, according to several people briefed on the call who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal conversations.

Mr. Ahuja praised Mr. Richards for his willingness to step down from the hosting job, saying it was the right move for “Jeopardy!,” and signaled that he expected the crew to move forward from last week’s uproar with Mr. Richards in charge, the people said. He lamented the media coverage of Mr. Richards and instructed the staff not to speak to reporters. Mr. Ahuja also invoked his own upbringing as an Indian American who grew up in the 1970s in Mississippi, where, he said, he faced racially offensive remarks, to emphasize that he was sensitive to concerns about Mr. Richards’s crude comments, the people said.

Mr. Richards has agreed to undergo sensitivity training, the people said.

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This ain’t it. This is the boys-club, All-Male-Network sh-t. Just fire this man, for the love of God. During the same call, Mike Richards apologized for his behavior again and asked for a chance to show “who he really is.” People – Sony people – keep acting like Richards just made a couple of dumb, offensive jokes. He was literally a toxic boss who sexually harassed women at The Price Is Right. But sure, he’s getting another chance to f–k it all up.

Richards’ spokesperson also told the NYT that Richards is not currently negotiating an exit package from the show, and sources tell the Times and Sony has hired Suzanne Prete to “oversee Mr. Richards at the show” and “take more of an active presence on the creative direction and strategy.” Ah, that’s cute. The Old Boys Club got their bro a little lady “minder” so he can keep his job.

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