Miley Cyrus & Hilary Duff Fan Girl Over Each Other on ‘Bright Minded’ Instagram Live

Bright Minded: Disney queens edition!

Miley Cyrus had another former Disney Channel icon on her Instagram Live show on Wednesday (March 25) – Hilary Duff.

The two singers and actresses gushed over each other, with Miley admitting that she used to stalk Hilary on tour. LOL!

Miley also shared that Hilary is the only reason why she wanted to do any of this, and to be on a Disney Channel show, because that’s what Hilary did.

To flip the tables a bit, Hilary also sang praises of Miley for being herself and said, “You are an inspiration to me.”

Before she left, Hilary dished that she’s supposed to be in New York filming her TV show Younger right now, but of course, the current health crisis has brought that to a halt.

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