‘Never do that again’ Barbra Streisand dinner party warning to Piers Morgan

Clive Myrie takes swipe at Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan, 56, opened up about the experience in his column for Daily Mail as he recalled dining with the Woman in Love chart-topper alongside musician and composer David Foster at the latter’s home in Malibu.

The former Good Morning Britain star admitted that their get-together was “fuelled by alcohol” as he decided to sing Barbra’s classic hit The Way We Were. 

Please, never do that again

Barbra Streisand

And while the Grammy winner described the gesture as “sweet”, she kindly asked him to “never do that again”.

“I sat next to Barbra Streisand at a dinner party in the Malibu home of legendary music producer David Foster and, fuelled by alcohol, I thought it would be a great idea to sing to her,” he wrote. 

“As David played The Way We Were on his piano, I dropped on bended knee, grasped Barbra’s hand, and tunelessly crooned her smash-hit movie theme song – to the horror of other guests, including Donna Summer and TV host Dr Phil.”

When he finished singing his rendition, Piers quoted Barbra telling him: “That was one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever done for me… but please, never do that again.”

Further in his column, the father of two also touched on one of his many encounters with actress Sharon Stone for a movie screening event in Beverly Hills. 

But the evening took a turn for the worse when the Basic Instinct star made a joke about Piers’ bedroom skills, which he deemed a “crushing moment with a sex symbol”.

After meeting up with Sharon in sunny Los Angeles, she remembered the father-of-four, as she gushed: “Darling! How lovely to see you again!”

When someone in the room asked the pair how they knew each other, Piers joked that the pair were once “secret lovers”. 

It prompted Sharon to respond, saying: “Yes… and Piers was terrible in bed.”

Meanwhile, on Monday, Piers took to his official Twitter account to blast Sir Ridley Scott’s latest crime drama House Of Gucci.

The movie, which stars the likes of Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and Jared Leto, has received stellar reviews from critics since its release earlier this month. 

It’s even being rumoured that House Of Gucci could snag up multiple nominations at the next year’s Academy Awards.

But Piers, who clearly wasn’t impressed with the blockbuster, tweeted to his 7.8 million followers: “Walked out of this movie tonight after 80 minutes.

“It’s jaw-droppingly dreadful.”

His comment appeared to have ruffled some feathers on the social media platform, as people flocked to the comment section to sound off with their thoughts. 

“Think I’ll make my own mind up. I find IMDB to be a better barometer than Piers Morgan,” @seanakerr wrote.

@CJBroon wondered why Piers was going to the cinema amid nationwide lockdown fears, writing: “Why were you at the cinema, its indoors and you want the country locked down with no mixing? 

“You should’ve went to Spiderman anyway. Its was excellent and packed out when I went the other night!!”

@James_1886 quipped: “You love a walk out” (sic)

The latter was referring to Piers storming off the Good Morning Britain set in March following a heated argument with co-presenter Alex Beresford over Meghan Markle’s controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

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