New Hope Club’s Debut Album Coming Out in February 2020!

New Hope Club just revealed that their debut album is finally coming and dropping in February 2020!

The guys – George Smith, Blake Richardson, and Reece Bibby – took to Instagram to reveal the big news to their fans.

“Our first album will be out in February next year. It feels crazy to finally be able to say that at last,” they wrote. “Everything we’ve done over the last four years has been been building up to this moment.”

The three added a thanks to their fans: “Thank you to all of you who have been on this journey with us, supporting us, coming to sing with us all over the world. This is only the beginning!”

You can pre-order New Hope Club‘s album now on

If you missed it, you can watch NHC‘s newest music video for “Paycheck” on JJJ now!

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