New Mom Katy Tur Praises Amy Schumer & Blasts ‘Stereotypes & Expectations’ Of What A Mom ‘Should Be’

On her first night out as a new mom, Katy Tur opened up to HollywoodLife at the Tonys about mom-shaming.

Katy Tur welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Teddy on April 16, and almost a month later, enjoyed her first night out post-baby at the 2019 Tony Awards! “Night number one!” her husband, Tony Dokoupil, exclaimed in an interview with HollywoodLife at the big event. Rocking a bright pink dress, Katy exuded a new mom glow, as she spoke to HL about her colleague, Stephanie Ruhle‘s op-ed about mom-shaming. “I think there’s a lot of stereotypes and a lot of expectations of what a mom should be and how they should act, and I think they force to people to have undo expectations on themselves and it’s negative all around,” the MSNBC anchor explained.

Stephanie penned her piece after comedienne Amy Schumer was relentlessly shamed after appearing at the Comedy Cellar for a quick stand-up, two weeks after giving birth to her son. “What Amy is doing is amazing,” Katy praised. “If she wants to go out and do a night of stand-up, she should be able to do that and nobody should hate her for doing it.” Katy is currently on maternity leave, but will be returning to the anchor chair on weekdays at 2 PM on MSNBC in August!

“Comedy is how Amy supports her family. Comedy is how she makes money. When a husband leaves the next day to go off and go to work, we view that as his form of caregiving, providing for his family. She’s going to work and provides for her family,” Stephanie mimicked Katy’s sentiments in a podcast interview with HollywoodLife. “The pressure we put on women is just enormous, and it’s time to say, Let’s just dial it back for a moment and celebrate how complex life is.”

The Velshi & Ruhle host also gushed over Katy’s new son, saying, “[Teddy] is perfect and I want to keep him! It was just beautiful for Katy. Remember Katy spent a year and a half on the road with the president, so I think it’s great for her to have this time. I hope she takes all the time she needs. But, trust me, while she’s gone, we miss her!”

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