New Video Captures Blueface Kicking Club Bouncer Multiple Times After Denied Entry

Before leaving the scene, the ‘Outside’ rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Porter, can be seen giving a couple of taps at the man to see whether he is still alive.

AceShowbiz -A new video of Blueface‘s attack towards a club bouncer in Los Angeles has surfaced online. In the clip obtained by TMZ, the “Outside” emcee was seen kicking the poor man multiple times after he did not let the rapper enter the venue.

The incident took place at the Skinny’s Lounge in the San Fernando Valley on Sunday, September 12. The footage first showed Blueface’s entourage pushing the security guard inside the club before they brutally beat him up.

One of the women in the group, meanwhile, could be seen recording the ordeal on her phone. As for Blueface, whose real name is Jonathan Porter, he kicked the bouncer several times. One of his crew members then tried to lift the man up by his feet while the attack continued.

Blueface later held his friends from attacking the club bouncer. However, before he left the scene, the 24-year-old hip-hop star could be seen giving a couple of taps at the man to make sure he was either conscious or still alive.

The incident allegedly occurred after the bouncer turned Blueface away because the latter did not bring his ID card. The “Respect My Cryppin” spitter then asked if the man knew who he was. He even Googled himself and showed the doorman that he is famous.

The bouncer was then taken to the hospital where he was treated for bruises and scratches that required stitches. Law enforcement sources informed TMZ that they have filed a battery report and are investigating the altercation. They are also aware of the surveillance video.

This arrived more than a month after Blueface attacked a fan at his BKFC fight with Kane Trujillo. While he was celebrating his victory in the ring along with BKFC president David Feldman, a fan randomly jumped into it, prompting the rapper to throw a few punches at him.

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