Noah Cyrus Posts New Sexy Selfie In Her Underwear & Paris Hilton Is Here For It

Paris Hilton essentially said ‘That’s hot’ to Noah Cyrus, who posed in lingerie and a sheer cropped outfit in her latest Instagram picture. But Noah’s caption came with a warning!

Noah Cyrus, 19, is back to posing in her undies — this time, with Paris Hilton’s approval. The younger Cyrus sister rocked high-rise underwear and a white bralette, visible underneath a sheer crop top and booty shorts in an Instagram picture, as you can see here, on May 30. The saucy photo demanded a sassy caption, and Noah happily supplied: “If you ever try to confiscate Barbie’s Ken imma put you in the box where my dollies been 👸🏻💖.” Duly noted! The “Again” singer wore long black extensions, a hairstyle she’s been wearing as of late in lieu of her signature bob.

Paris, the queen of deeming what’s “hot,” gave Noah’s risqué shot a thumbs-up via a heart-eyed emoji: “😍.” This isn’t the first time the socialite has left love on Noah’s Instagram page, as she commented with the same affectionate emoji under a selfie of Noah in a tiny grey bandeau and matching sweatpants on April 26. That wasn’t the only famous handle in Noah’s comments sections, as Katy Perry, Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony and Brandi Cyrus also chimed in!

On Noah’s last underwear selfie, however, it was her older sister Miley Cyrus, 26, who left the rave review. “MY GROOVE! 💔 Miss u,” Miley commented under Noah’s round of sexy selfies on May 26, in which she wore a red thong and cropped white tee.The “groove” comment was a reference to the Emperor’s New Groove, as Noah wrote in her caption, “pull the lever Kronk!!!! WRONG LEVEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!” A Disney reference and hot selfies, combined? Yup, Noah sits on the Iron Throne of Instagram.

While Noah welcomes empowering comments like Paris’, she’s quick to clap back at those with unnecessary (or gross) opinions. “My 13 yr old friend has bigger t**s than you,” one such troll commented under Noah’s bandeau photo mentioned above, and she replied, “U look at ur 13 yr old friends t**s?”

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