O.J. Simpson’s Ex-Manager Says Star Forgot Kris Jenner Affair

O.J. Simpson went on Twitter to blast Norman Pardo for spreading allegedly false rumors about his affair with Kris Jenner, and now, Pardo is firing back, saying the star simply doesn’t remember!

As RadarOnline.com readers know, Pardo, who claims to be Simpson’s ex-manager, said the retired football star had a steamy romance with the momager when she was still married to Robert Kardashian. Simpson, 71, denied those allegations in a bizarre video this Sunday, June 16, also making it clear that he is not Khloe Kardashian’s father.

Pardo, however, has another story. Talking exclusively with RadarOnline.com he said Simpson suffers from CTE (a brain disease common among football players) and doesn’t recall many crucial parts of his life. He also alleged Simpson is afraid to come clean about his deepest, darkest secrets, because Pardo is exposing them in a new documentary!

In Who Killed Nicole? Pardo claims Simpson is guilty of the murders or wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman — something which Simpson has vehemently denied.

“I assumed he was going to come after me now that my movie is done,” Pardo told Radar. “I warned everybody that he was not happy about it… O.J. is scared.”

He added that “due to the fact that he has CTE his memory is no good.”

In his Twitter video, Simpson claimed Pardo was never his manager, but Pardo has said that’s simply not true. “I have a video of O.J. himself saying that I am his manager,” he told Radar.

Readers know Simpson has, in fact, admitted to having memory loss. In an interview with ESPN he said he forgets people’s names, and often wakes up and can’t remember any words. Regardless, it has never been confirmed that Simpson was diagnosed with CTE.

As for Simpson’s denial of his alleged affair with Jenner, 63, Pardo says it all comes down to the same memory issue.

“Of course he’s probably denying the affair with Kris because he’s got CTE — he doesn’t remember,” said Pardo. “If he can’t remember that I was his boss how is he going to remember something like that.”

Pardo assured Radar his story is the accurate one, and even claimed he has a 10-page contract which Simpson signed when he hired him to rehabilitate his image following the 1994 double-murder case.

Simpson’s lawyer denied all of Pardo’s allegations during a talk with Radar, saying the alleged ex-manager “knows nothing about Simpson” and “is full of s**t.”

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