Odell Beckham Jr. Still Baffled Over Airline's Handling Of Plane Incident

It’s been nearly two weeks since Odell Beckham Jr.‘s airplane incident … and the superstar wide receiver is still scratching his head over the whole thing — saying he has no clue why the situation escalated to the point he was escorted out by police.

OBJ spoke about the American Airlines fiasco during his appearance on Prime Video’s “TNF In The Shop” on Thursday … and he says he didn’t do anything he hasn’t done on every flight for his entire life.

Odell Beckham Jr. Escorted Off Miami Plane, Says He Just Fell Asleep

Odell Beckham Jr. Escorted Off Miami Plane, Says He Just Fell Asleep

Odell explained he purposely booked the flight because it was a 787 with bed seating for first-class passengers … and he had every intention of catching some Zs as he headed to L.A to see his son before kickstarting his tour to meet with NFL teams.

Beckham admits he was knocked out with his seatbelt off during a 40-minute delay … and only woke up when a flight attendant approached him.

“They woke me up to tell me that they couldn’t wake me up,” OBJ says.

Of course, the airline crew told police Odell was going in and out of consciousness as they tried to get him to buckle his seatbelt … and they feared for his health.

Beckham says the staffers’ side of the story doesn’t make sense … especially if he was really experiencing a medical scare.

“They said I was unconscious and unruly or whatever words that they used. And I’m like, ‘If that’s the case, why is there six police officers surrounding me and not six paramedics or EMTs?'”

Ultimately, Beckham says there’s a silver lining … because he will be sure to prevent any incidents moving forward, which he proved when he took a private jet last week.

“It just was crazy, it was something that, it is what it is. I learned my lesson — put my seatbelt on before you fall asleep.”

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