Paris Hilton Recounts Horrifying Moment She Found A Fan In Her Home!

Paris Hilton has been opening up more than ever the past few months.

In her documentary she revealed allegations of abuse she suffered as a teen at the hands of “educators” at the Provo Canyon School. More recently she’s been talking about the pitfalls of fame at a young age, especially in the wake of the renewed interest in how Britney Spears was treated. She even called out David Letterman and Sarah Silverman for exploiting and mocking her.

But while being the butt of jokes may have hurt, nothing scared her like the actions of some of her fans.

On the latest episode of YouTube hit Hot Ones, host Sean Evans asks about the worst attention she ever got when she was at the height of her fame in the early 2000s. Paris’ answers are truly chilling. She says:

“I remember one time I came home and there were paparazzi there, and they were like, ‘By the way, some guy was like, looking through your trash, taking everything with him, and he’s been doing this a couple of times.’ And it was just creepy that someone was doing that.”

Just going through her trash? And TAKING IT WITH HIM?? Ick! Didn’t expect to say this, but thank goodness for the paparazzi who were looking out for gurl’s well-being.

She adds her followers also started to ring her doorbell and pretend to be people she knew or was expecting, just to try to get at her. Yeesh.

But the scariest incident of all was when she walked into her home to find a fan who had actually managed to get in under false pretenses! She recalls:

“One time I walked in my house — and my housekeeper at the time didn’t know, because this guy said he was my friend — and he was just sitting in my kitchen waiting for me, which was really scary.”

That may have been the closest anyone got — and the most terrifying, obviously — but it was far from the only incident with obsessed admirers (stalkers?) crossing the line, as she shares:

“And then them jumping over the gates… It was just very intrusive, all the time.”

But as bad as Paris had it, she says the influencers finding fame now, in the age of social media, might have it worse.

She explains:

“I can’t even imagine being a 13-year-old girl and having these pressures of having to be perfect and care about likes and people trolling you and being mean.”

Yeah, it’s a good point. Thanks to social media, the off-kilter fans are already inside the house, whenever you turn on your phone.

Paris’ message to the kids building a following these days?

“I just feel that anyone out there should know that you shouldn’t base your opinion on yourself, or your self-worth, on the opinion of stranger. I think that’s a really important message for kids to know. Yeah, social media is fun, but you can’t take it so seriously because otherwise it can make you go crazy.”


Ch-ch-check out more Paris wisdom — and of course the foolhardiness of nomming on increasingly hotter wings (below)!

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