Paris Hilton’s wedding registry is full of ridiculously expensive things

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In case you missed it, Paris Hilton is getting married in a few weeks. And I think it’s actually happening this time. Now that the wedding is rapidly approaching, Paris is much more forthcoming with the details. Like the fact that she plans to wear 10 different dresses on her wedding day. My gawd, that day is exhausting enough without adding nine additional costume changes to it. Paris didn’t tell us her reception venue, but we think it will be at her grandfather’s old Bel Air estate. The latest information to be made public is her registry. And I mean public as in, you can see the entire thing here. Paris Hilton and Carter Reum are registered at Geary’s of Beverly Hills. Nothing in that last sentence should indicate that their registry had anything practical or affordable on it. No, this is no plebeian wedding registry, this is a registry filled with ceramic cheetahs, Hermès china and Lalique Double Fish objets d’art, dontchaknow.

Paris Hilton really said go big or go home!

The reality star and heiress knows exactly what she wants her friends and family

to give her as they celebrate her upcoming marriage to Carter Reum… And, obviously, that includes a $1,845 caviar-vodka set and $4,885 Baccarat crystal vase.

Paris’ wedding gift registry appears to highlight her expensive taste, as she’s choosing only the best for her home with Carter, who popped the question in February.

According to her wedding registry at Gearys Beverly Hills, Paris is asking guests for a host of crystal home decor items, as well as a sterling silver Buccellati picture frame ($3,200), Baccarat candleholder shaped like a lamp ($1,220) and Baccarat crystal bear figurine ($370).

Among the essentials that will be stocking her kitchen are a walnut Christofle MOOD Party Tray ($985), Buccellati Dahlia flower-shaped dish ($650), William Yeoward Crystal Caprice caviar server ($1,000), Baccarat champagne glass set ($990) and Christofle champagne cooler ($860) to match.

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I can’t say I’m surprised. I didn’t expect Paris to register at Target. To be fair, there are a few items that would be considered affordable with Paris’ set. The first item is a $160 decanter. And what I assume will be Paris’ everyday plates are $28 a piece. Granted there are the items listed above. Plus, those cheetahs that range between $525 and $2,250 a cat. Don’t worry, there are plenty to choose from, and some other small animal sculptures as well – lovebirds, a greyhound and even a horse.

So I’m left with a shoulder shrug when it comes to this price tag of the Paris’ registry. I am, however, critical of the items on it because I’m like that. The article mentioned the caviar-vodka set but I’m curious about why she also needed a Caprice Caviar Server with spoon? Does one find themselves needing two caviar servers regularly enough? I really dislike her Hermès china pattern. Maybe she picked it for the giant H in the mosaic, it’ll remind Carter who calls the shot every time he finishes his caviar and toast tips. I like the stainless place settings (which cost more than my wedding silver pattern, btw). But I didn’t care for any of her crystal patterns (yes, she has more than one selected). I’m getting a kick out of all the picture frames on the registry. I guess the selfies have to go somewhere. And don’t get me started on why someone needs three glass or ceramic cheetahs. I am curious about this thing being made public. I worry because her fans already get too close to Paris as it is. Did she make this available for them to be able to send her wedding gifts? I don’t know. What I do know is that my Amazon gift card is probably not going to go over very well. Maybe Carter will appreciate it.

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