Paul Chuckle breaks silence over death of brother Jimmy Patton with a joke

Paul Chuckle has broken his silence in the wake of brother Jimmy Patton's death by cracking a well-timed joke.

The bereaved comedian, who has now lost two of his three brothers in the space of just 11 months, returned to Twitter after followers got in touch to see if he was OK.

And some seemed a little confused as they thought he was the one who had died, not Jimmy.

"Bro how was i planning today to see paul chuckle in sheff next month n he’s just DIED. rip paulio," one wrote.

Retweeting the message, Paul quipped: "No I’m alive and kicking. My brother Jimmy died."

Another follower had told Paul to "RIP sweet prince", to which Paul replied: "Not me, my older brother."

And he had to set straight yet another who had written: "This world is falling apart, Paul Chuckle has now died a year after his brother."

"Nobody told me," he replied with a beer emoji.

And when a fan got the right idea by telling others "Paul didn't die", the Chuckle Brother gently joked: "I don't intend to mate."

Jimmy's death came less than a year after their brother Barry Elliot died from bone cancer.

Jimmy, 87, had enjoyed two years of married bliss with his much-younger wife Amy, who he'd met over Facebook .

The older man courted Amy for 18 months before asking her to marry him, which they did with a lavish ceremony in April 2017.

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