Paul McCartney shares jaw-dropping yoga snap as he does headstand

Paul McCartney demonstrated his amazingly flexible body at 80 years old

Paul McCartney shared a photo of his impromptu home yoga session, while the TV displayed “Breaking News” behind him, and his dog lurked in the background.

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Paul McCartney might be 80 years old, but he proved that age is nothing more than a number when he proudly displayed himself doing a headstand.

The extraordinarily supple octogenarian looked incredible as he balanced his entire body on the yoga mat using nothing more than his head.

Paul, who also became the oldest performer ever to headline Glastonbury this summer, was determined to show off his amazing accomplishments, which now extend to physical endurance as well.

The former Beatle wrote to almost four million followers: “The headstand is my show-off moment when I’m in the gym… I was once told by a yoga teacher that it keeps you young!”

It seems as though the Strawberry Fields Forever star has been given some excellent advice.

Paul McCartney credits part of his good health in later life to his vegetarian diet

Paul McCartney shared a photo of himself enjoying a meal with daughter Stella today, who has taken the family’s anti-animal cruelty commitment even further and is a vegan.

Paul McCartney still enjoys a glass of champagne when the opportunity arises

Despite his clean-living diet, Paul McCartney is keen to indulge in a celebratory glass of champagne from time to time – but he insists he never drinks before shows.

Paul McCartney at Glastonbury 2022

Paul McCartney proved he is still in excellent shape when he headlined Glastonbury earlier this year, in an energy-filled performance that fans loved.

Paul McCartney shared his headline set with musician pals

Here, Paul McCartney shared the stage with two fellow musical veterans – Bruce Springsteen and Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl.

Paul McCartney also took to the stage last month to honour the late Taylor Hawkins

Paul McCartney returned to the stage with Dave Grohl at Wembley Stadium in London in a tribute concert to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

Paul McCartney in his heyday with the Beatles

This nostalgic throwback snap of Paul McCartney with his Beatles bandmates reminds viewers of where his rise to fame all began. 

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