Pete Davidson & Kaley Cuoco Take On-Set Palling Around to Six Flags

Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco are starring in a new movie together, and it seems they’re taking their on-set friendship into the real world … and the latest stop is a theme park.

The two actors — who are the starring leads in an upcoming rom-com called “Meet Cute,” in which they play a couple — were spotted Saturday afternoon at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey … where they were hand in hand as they were about to embark on a ride.

Don’t worry … it’s not what you think. They were more comforting each other as buddies rather than anything romantic. Kaley’s happily married — and Pete … well, he’s just Pete.

It’s pretty obvious from this video TMZ obtained of them on the Sling Shot that they were simply calming each other’s nerves as friends … and perhaps preparing for some actual scenes for this new flick of theirs — which is currently in production and filming right now.

It appears Pete and Kaley have hit it off as they prepare to shoot — they’ve been goofing off together a lot lately, as seen in Kalye’s recent IG Stories where she’s filmed them palling around. Talk about getting ready for a role … that’s what we call method acting!!!

Anyway, “Meet Cute” sounds like it’ll be a good one. It’s about a BF/GF who are somehow able to go back into each other’s past to shape their SO into the perfect partner.

In the meantime … he’s a look at what that on-screen chemistry might look like.

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