Peter Brant Jr. Writes Heartbreaking Tribute for Late Brother Harry Brant

Peter Brant Jr. is speaking out following the death of his younger brother Harry Brant.

The 24-year-old socialite and son of model Stephanie Seymour died on Sunday after an accidental overdose.

Peter wrote on his Instagram account, “Today we lay to rest, and honor the life of my brother, a true angel of light, an extraordinarily unique soul unlike any who have come before.”

Peter also shared a photo of Harry and model Gaia Matisse, which was shot on the day of his death. You can see it here.

“This photo taken on his last day, shows the eternal beauty he will forever hold,” Peter wrote. “It is impossible to express the devastation I feel for the loss of one with whom I shared not only a lifetime of beautiful memories, but with one who cared so deeply for my own happiness, was so devoted to my personal comfort, It is the loss not only of a brother, but of a best friend, my other half. My heart shatters to think we will never see that dear sweet face again.”

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